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About the ID Photo Code

IRISH ID Photo Code

Why use a Passport Photo Code?

It is now by far the most convenient, easiest and most secure way to attach your photo to your online passport application.

The whole process of validating and sending your photo to The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is simplified - the handling of physical printed photographs or transferring and uploading of digital files is no longer required - just enter your unique code in the required field.

Will my photo will be accepted?

We will make the required checks so that your photo is compliant.

Your photo will then be biometrically checked online directly with the system at The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to ensure it passes their passport photo regulations & requirements.

You will then receive an email that it has passed and has been pre-approved and you will be issued with a unique Passport Photo Code.

How does it work with my online passport application?

You will receive an email containing your unique Passport Photo Code.
Enter your code into the required field in your online Irish Passport application and your pre-approved photo will appear automatically!

For how long is my Passport Photo Code valid?

The code is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and must be used within this time.
After 6 months the code will not be accepted by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

When will I receive my Passport Photo Code?

If you have followed the DFA Photo Requirements on how take your photo it will take between 24-48 hours (If not a lot sooner) to receive an email with the Passport Photo Code.

If you have not followed the DFA Photo Requirements we will ask you to send us a new photo by email.
3 attempts are allowed for you to send us a photo that follows the requirements - after the third attempt we will cancel your order and you will receive a full refund.

Do photo booths issue Photo Codes?

Some automatic photo booths supply photo codes, but they do not check your image directly online with The Department of Foreign Affairs system to ensure it passes their strict passport photo requirements.

We will make sure your photo is compliant & biometrically checked directly online with The Department of Foreign Affairs.

About the Digital File

IRISH Digital File

About the Set of 4 ID Photos

IRISH Set of 4

You Will Receive All This!
Online Photos Passport ID Photo Code
An ID Photo Code

A new secure digital ID Photo Code system by The Department of Foreign Affairs that simplifies the process of attaching your ID photo to your passport application - with guaranteed acceptance!

Take Your Irish Passport Photo At Home With A Mobile Phone Tablet Or Smartphone
Online Photos Passport ID Photo Code
The Digital File

You will receive the original digital file that we created for your ID Photo Code. You can use it anywhere that require you to upload an ID Photo without specific measurements,

Online Photos Passport ID Photo Code
A Set of 4 ID Photos

You will receive a digital photo file that contains 4 copies of your approved passport photo ready to print out for other usage.

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Digital ID Photo Codes with Dont Smile Passport Photos

We are compliant photographers for issuing Irish Passport ID Photo Codes.


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