Psst! We have a Guarantee*

In the UK His Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) has introduced their Passport Online service which simplifies and speeds up passport applications.

The photo that you take and send to us - and after our compliance control ...and any necessary adjustments - will be biometrically checked immediately online with the HMPO.


*If you have followed the official Photo Requirements - we can guarantee that your photo will be accepted for an online British Passport application.

You will receive a secure Digital ID Photo Code. When you enter the code in your online passport application your approved photo will appear automatically in the application.


If you have not followed the Photo Requirements (that can be found on the passport page) we will ask you to send us a new photo by email.

3 attempts are allowed for you to send us a photo that follows the requirements - after the third attempt we will cancel your order and you will receive a full refund.

Digital Passport Photos taken at home with a smartphone



Digital ID Photo Codes with Dont Smile Passport Photos

We are a compliant company for issuing UK Passport Photo Codes


Online Passport Photos taken in the comfort of your own home