Where can I get an Irish Passport Photo Code?

Digital Irish Passport Photo Code

Using a digital Passport Photo Code is by far the easiest and most secure way to attach your photo to your Irish Passport online application.

We will then make sure that your photo is compliant and it will be biometrically checked directly online with the system at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
They will issue you with a unique code and when you enter it in your online passport application your new photo will appear automatically! And as it has already been checked it is already pre-approved!

You can obtain your Passport Photo Code from the comfort of your home.
Ask a friend to take your photo with your smartphone and in 3 easy steps you will not only receive your Irish Passport Photo Code but also the digital file that was created. It is that easy! Just head over to our Irish Passport Photos page to upload the photo and for more information.

The cost is just £9.95 (GBP) and this includes the code for your online passport application and you will also receive the digital file that we created which you can use anywhere else that requires you to upload a Digital ID Photo.

Some automatic photo booths do supply photo codes but they do not check your image online with the DFA to ensure it passes their strict passport photo rules & requirements.
With us your photo will be biometrically checked directly online with the DFA system and for peace of mind you will know that your photo has already been pre-approved! Nice.



Digital ID Photo Codes with Dont Smile Passport Photos

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